I began to study piano when I was six years old and in June 2009 I graduated in piano (10/10) at the Conservatory of Music “G. Verdi” in Milan, under the supervision of the Prof. Silvia Rumi.

I enrolled in the Faculty of Philosophy at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan, obtaining my degree cum laude in September 2009.

In the same year I began attending a course of studies (1st level) for Jazz pianists at the Jazz Civic School of Milan, where I studied with leading musicians of the Italian Jazz scene such as Franco D’Andrea, Enrico Intra, Franco Cerri and Marco Vaggi. I graduated with honors in July 2013.

Thus I approached different musical genres, performing as soloist and accompanying pianist at important concert halls, such as Strehler Teather  (“The musical world of Franco Cerri”, “The musical world of Sandro Cerino”), Sala Verdi (“Orchestra dei popoli Vittorio Baldoni in concerto”, with the extraordinary participation of Franco Cerri and Franco Battiato ), the Museum of 900, the Brera Academy of Fine Artes (“A West Side Story Expression” directed by Giacomo Agosti) and the Oldofredi Castle (Giulia Molteni plays Giorgio Gaslini – Iseo Jazz Festival 2014).

In September 2011 I participated as soloist pianist in the cd “Piani diversi” by Enrico Intra (Alfa Music 2011), an album containing  mostly solo piano pieces with new compositions and improvisations by Enrico Intra, alternated with the four movements of the Op.14 Suite by Béla Bartók played by me.

In October 2011 I obtained the Academic Degree (2nd Level) in Pianoforte with the highest possible grade, under the supervision of Prof. Luigi Marzola. In this course of studies I especially deepened my knowledge on the lieder repertoire of Claude Debussy and Gabriel Fauré.

After finishing my studies, I embarked on a professional and personal journey uniting my career as a pianist with my dedication to musical education as a means of expression and therapy.

As a result, I came into contact with the field of music therapy by working for Esagramma as a piano accompanist in Orchestral Music Therapy pathways that involve children and adults with special needs. Also I performed as pianist with the Esagramma Symphony Orchestra in important festival (MITO SettembreMusica 2013, Sicht-Wechsel, International Festival of integrative culture 2012, Linz). Since January 2013 I have worked for Emisferi Musicali ( Borgomanero ), Musical Association based on Esagramma Music Therapy Methodology.

Following that I became interested in several educational musical projects inspired by El Sistema (National Network of Youth and Children’s Orchestras of Venezuela), participating as blogger and music teacher in the YOURS Project of Chicago, an El Sistema based program that provides free orchestral after-school music education to  children from the public schools of Chicago. In Italy I continued to be involved in El Sistema, attending training courses (“Growing up in Orchestra”, Pequeñas Huellas, Torino) and working as accompanying pianist and music teacher at the newly established El Sistema-inspired Nucleo, at the Barrio’s social centre in Milan.

In these years I’ve cultivated my passion for singing, collaborating  as the official pianist and singer of a choral ensemble composed of female voices (Carmina Mea in Lecco), as well as my passion for dancing, especially Middle Eastern Dances.

Traveling and getting to know various traditions and cultures have become a fundamental part of my musical research, providing me with a unique opportunity for personal growth from a human and artistic point of view.